Virtual Fields Trip

** Due to COVID-19, we are currently running our Virtual Fields Trip programs online **



Attention teachers! You can bring your class to the Department of Mathematics for a half-day virtual program. This program is offered at no cost. At this time, we do not offer in-person math workshops.

The lessons provided give students a chance to explore math concepts not typically covered in the standard curriculum. Students will see how these concepts connect to the real world and to the research going on in our department by some of the world's top math researchers. They will also get to experience a class at Canada's largest university.

Lesson Topics

We currently offer programs for students in Grades 3 - 12 and can accommodate groups of up to 40 students during the school year (October to June). Our courses are listed below.

  • Grade 3/4: Platonic Solids, Algebra Adventures, Tessellations
  • Grade 5/6: Egyptian Math, Fractals, Prime Numbers, Cryptography
  • Grade 7/8: Algebra & Constant Rates, Cryptography, Financial Literacy
  • Grade 9: Fractals, Continued Fractions, Equation of Lines
  • Grade 10: Circular Arguments, Complex Numbers, Fractals, History of Numbers
  • Grade 11/12: Complex Numbers, Fractals, Grouparama, Cryptography
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    The Fields Trip program is generously supported by the Fields Institute.

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