Math Outreach would like to thank all the sponsors who generously support our outreach programming.


As a trusted partner, the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex program is dedicated to helping University of Toronto alumni get access to preferred rates on home, condo, renter's and car insurance coverage. TD Insurance is the leading direct response insurance group in Canada†, offering quality insurance products for over 65 years. Plus, the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex program helps support alumni and student activities.

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) was originally conceived in June 1945 as the Canadian Mathematical Congress. The founding members hoped that "this congress [would] be the beginning of important mathematical development in Canada". Seeking to end confusion with the quadrennial mathematical congresses, a name change was considered for many years. Finally, upon its incorporation as a non-profit, charitable organization in 1978, a new name was adopted - the Canadian Mathematical Society.

The focus of the CMS is very much on the future - a future in which we will more aggressively reach out to and form new partnerships with the users of mathematics in business, governments and universities, educators in the school and college systems as well as other mathematical associations; and in doing so, share experiences, work on collaborative projects and generally enhance the perception and strengthen the profile of mathematics in Canada.

Founded in 1992, the Fields Institute was initially located at the University of Waterloo. Since 1995, it has occupied a building designed and constructed for Institute activities on the campus of the University of Toronto. Our mission is to enhance mathematical activity in Canada by bringing together mathematicians from Canada and abroad, and by promoting contact and collaboration between professional mathematicians and the increasing numbers of users of mathematics. Thus the Institute supports research in pure and applied mathematics, statistics and computer science, as well as collaboration between mathematicians and those applying mathematics in areas such as engineering, the physical and biological sciences, medicine, economics and finance, telecommunications and information systems. The Fields Institute environment is designed to support and enhance all of these activities. Office space is provided for as many as 66 visitors; a supportive staff enables program participants to devote most of their energies to research; and full access to the excellent mathematics collection at the University of Toronto is provided.


We are also proud to be members of various community organizations and committees.

The Centre for Community Partnerships was founded to develop, with community organizations, partnerships that are defined, sustainable and action-oriented for students on all three University of Toronto campuses. These partnerships have a dual aim to build educational capacity within communities of the GTA and Peel regions, and to enhance and broaden student learning. Through the establishment of academic and co-curricular service opportunities, students enhance their learning of the social, cultural, ethical, and political dimensions of civic life.

The Council of Educators of Toronto (CET) is 12 member network comprised of representatives from: five colleges, four universities, two school boards and United Way Toronto's Community of Practice on Youth Educational Attainment Partnerships. The CET aims to foster collaboration across access and outreach programs across each institution to enhance access to post-secondary education.