Mentorship Posters

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto is proud to offer a mentorship program pairing Grade 11 and 12 high school students interested in the field of mathematics study and research with graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty in the field.

Mentees will meet with their mentors on a regular basis at the downtown location of UofT on a schedule that fits both of them about once or twice per month with an initial meeting of all participants in late January and a closing meeting of all participants in late May.

Mentorship Posters

Please note this is a highly competitive program and some applicants may not receive a placement. We will, however, strive to pair as many applicants as we can!

We typically begin accepting applications for this program in September with an application deadline of mid-November.

Successful candidates will be contacted within 1 month of the application deadline.

COST: $65

Applications are now closed.