Camps and Summer Programs

The Math Department is proud to be involved with a wide array of mathematics-based camps and summer programs aimed at students from Grade 2 – 12.

  • Math Camps: These are aimed at students from Grades 2 – 8 with an interest in mathematics and being exposed to math in a fun, interactive, and hands-on way. We currently offer three weeks of this program: one over March Break, one in July and one in August.
  • Math Academy: This program is aimed at students in Grades 9 – 12 who are interested in learning more about in-depth topics in mathematics. Students will have the opportunity to study concepts in research math as well as problem solving and critical thinking. We currently offer a March Break and Summer Math Academy (August).
  • High School Math Prep: The High School Math Preparation Program is a summer class aimed at students in grades 7 - 9 who are lagging behind the rest of the class in mathematics, but otherwise have demonstrated an ability to learn at grade level in other courses. The intent is to provide students with a unique learning environment where they can regain their confidence while filling in the gaps in their knowledge of mathematics.
  • Canada Math Camp: This is an invitation-only camp offered to top scorers on the COMC.
  • Science Unlimited: This program is open via application process to anyone interested in studying math, science and technology at a University over the summer. The program exposes students to various labs, activities, lectures and hands-on workshops in 6 different Physical Science departments.

Bursaries are available for these programs. Further information can be found on our Bursary Application page.