March Break Programs

March is an exciting month for us here. We offer a number of programs for students from Grades 1 - 12.

Here is a list of the programs we offer:

  • Math Camps: Our Math Camp programs provide students with a hands-on experience in mathematics at tthree different levels: Inspiring Math Minds (designed to help students build their confidence and skills with Math), Enriching Math Minds (designed to challenge students and to enrich their already strong skills in math, and Math FUNdamentals (designed specifically for grade 2 students). These camps are also offered in summer with different topics!
  • Math Academy: aimed at students in Grades 9 - 12 who are interested in learning more about in-depth topics in mathematics. These classes provide students with the opportunity to study concepts in research math as well as problem solving and critical thinking. We currently offer a March Break and Summer Math Academy.
  • Math Kangaroo Contest: aimed at students from Grades 1 - 12, it offers participants a fun and challenging way to get involved with math and math competitions. It is an international competition and students are ranked and awarded both regionally and nationally. The competition is written here on campus at our three campus locations (Downtown, Mississauga and Scarborough) at the end of March each year with training sessions (online and on-campus) offered starting in January.