Math Academy

The Math Academy is offered in-person at the University of Toronto – St. George campus. Please review our in-person health and safety rules and regulations

Math Academy Students


Math Academy is a challenging, one-week, intensive, enrichment experience for students in grades 9-12 with very strong mathematical thinking ability. Students are accepted into the program on the basis of their solutions to a problem set which is aimed at highlighting their ability to think mathematically and creatively rather than testing for specific curricular knowledge.

The program is typically run during the summer. Each one-week term is a standalone special topics course that goes in-depth on a single topic. The topic will be creative, fun, and somewhat abstract; in other words, what mathematicians consider “real math.” Math Academy includes both lecture-style teaching and significant time devoted to independent and small-group problem-solving.

Math Academy will be run in-person in summer 2022. See below for additional details.

Summer 2022 In-Person Program

August 8 - 12, 2022 (one week)

Schedule: 9am-4pm Monday to Friday

Instructor: Matthew Sunohara, PhD candidate, Department of Mathematics

Course Title: Graph Theory

Course Description:

Graph theory is not the study of graphs of functions. It is the study of a different notion of a graph. A graph is a mathematical structure that represents relationships among a set of things.

Graphs appear in all of the natural sciences, the social sciences, and also in other areas of mathematics. The set of people in a social network and the friendships between them is a graph. The set of countries on Earth and the borders between them is a graph. The set of cities in Canada and the highways between them is a graph. The set of atoms in a molecule and the chemical bonds between them is a graph. The set of vertices of an icosahedron and the edges between them is a graph.

The various contexts in which graphs appear motivate several very interesting mathematical problems. For instance, can every map be coloured with four colours in such a way that neighbouring regions have different colours? For another example, if n is a positive integer and you draw n points on a piece of paper and for each pair of points you draw a curve connecting them, what is the smallest possible number of pairs of curves that cross each other? We will study these two problems and many others in the academy.


The cost of the program is $400+tax for the one week term.

Bursaries are available. Please wait until you've been accepted into Math Academy before requesting a bursary here.


University of Toronto - St. George Campus (In-Person), Exact Room and Building location will be announced after your acceptance to the program.


Students must first apply for the program and be accepted in order to register. Successful applicants will be informed of their acceptance as soon as possible. Round 1 Application Deadline: Sunday May 15th, 2022.

Please note the application consists of two parts, a completed quiz and a short answer to what makes you interested in math academy.

Please review our in-person health and safety rules and regulations

APPLICATIONS FOR Summer Math Academy 2022 is now CLOSED.