Math Day Camps at U of T

Please note: this program is only offered at the downtown location of the University of Toronto

STEM Camp 2019

March Break Enrichment Programs 2020

Math & Space Camp (Grade 3-4, Grade 5-6, Grade 7-8)

Presented in partnership with the David A. Dunlap Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics

In this program, students will explore the math and science of outer space. Curriculum for older students will emphasize the math of the heavens, including such topics as planetary trajectories, elliptical eccentricities, and the math that put humans on the moon in 1969. Younger students will have a math and science curriculum. We will discuss the history of humankind sending messages out into the universe in the hopes of reaching alien life…and we might just receive a coded message from aliens that students will decrypt. All students in this program will get to attend two planetarium shows, tour U of T’s observatory, and handle space rocks older than the Earth itself.

Math All Around Me (Grade 2-3)

Math is all around us if we know where to look: in the natural world, the built environment, the marketplace, the kitchen—the list could go on and on. Math is integral to how we measure, build, plan, investigate problems, and communicate. Through hands-on activities, crafts, stories, and games, our youngest students will explore the math of everyday life.

Math of Art and Architecture (Grade 4-5)

Math may be the language of science, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find it at work in art and design. Students will explore topics such as fractals, mathematical origami, tessellations, and tiling the plane. Investigate the math behind aesthetics—what we find pleasing or beautiful. Create beautiful buildings using complex geometric solids and explore the mathematics of building structurally sound constructions.

Students in Grades 9 – 12, or very strong Grade 7-8 students, are referred to our Math Academy program.

Upcoming Sessions

Our camps are currently offered three times per year, each with different content (sign up for one, two, or all three!):

  • March Break: March 16 - 20, 2020
  • Summer Wk 1: July 20 - 24, 2020
  • Summer Wk 2: August 4 - 7, 2020 (4 days, $270)
  • Summer Wk 3: August 10 - 14, 2020

Camps run from 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday. We also offer an early drop off starting at 8am and a late pick up which runs until 6pm to all participants free of charge (no additional sign up is required to participate). Please note that there is no early drop-off program on the Monday morning of the camp and check-in opens at 8:15am on Monday.

To register you must create an account on our registration system by clicking the button below.


The cost of the program is $339 for the week.


All sessions will take place at the downtown campus of the University of Toronto

Exact location details will be sent to registered participants prior to the start of the first class